Email marketing is key to getting the word out about your business in today’s marketing world. However, it isn’t as simple as it may seem from the outset. You have to build your list and figure out what you can send your customers. You need to communicate consistently, but coming up with a steady stream of consistent messages can end up on the back burner as you hustle to keep the rest of your business thriving. The good news is, we have some great suggestions for your email marketing plans.

Have You Sent These Emails Yet?

The following are emails you should send on a regular basis. You can change them up for different seasons and customize them to ensure that each creates a new experience for your customers.

New inventory email

This email’s purpose is to tell your customers that you have new products. It is an update first and an advertisement second. It requires you to have images of the new product, but beyond that, it is very simple to create. Here are some tips for creating a great new inventory email:

  • Make sure the picture is amazing. These emails are more about image than text; the images you include will do the heavy lifting. Make sure they say what you want to say, and you’ll have an effective email.
  • Use the subject line. Because subject lines determine if customers open your email or not, you need to get yours right. Make sure your customers know that you have something fresh and fun for them to check out, something they don’t want to miss out on.
  • Be prompt. As soon as you have stock, the email should go out. Don’t wait. Staying just ahead of the curve will teach your customers to trust you as a source for what is new and worth their hard-earned money.

Welcome email

As the name suggests, this email’s job is to acknowledge new subscribers and make them feel welcome. It is the first step to forming a positive relationship, to show a new customer that there are real people running your business. Any business will benefit from this type of email; the key is having a system that alerts you when a new subscriber signs up. Here are some helpful guidelines for an effective welcome email:

  • Think about including an offer or reward. There’s nothing that says “welcome” better than exclusive deal, gift, or perk. Free shipping, percent off a purchase, or other benefits can really make new subscribers feel like giving you their emails was a great idea.
  • Keep a conversational tone. You can’t personally approach each new subscriber in person and make him or her feel welcome. The welcome email does it for you. That means you need to keep things warm, inviting, and casual.
  • Emphasize the benefits. As we said, you want your new subscriber to feel confident that subscribing was a great idea. Remind the customer what he or she will get out of the subscription.

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