You can’t do without email marketing, but just what makes effective email marketing? In our last blog, we discussed two types of emails you can customize for your business. Today, we have two more types of email for you to consider!

Don’t Miss Out on These Email Opportunities

Reorder email

These types of emails are especially effective for any business that sells services or products that people need on a regular basis. This can be things like makeup, contacts, vitamins, and beyond. The email serves as a reminder that it’s time to reorder. These are some tips that can help you create an email that will get you results:

Reinforce the value of the product. You don’t want your customers to see the reorder email and decide they don’t need your product after all. Be very clear as to why reordering is to your customers’ advantage. Another way to add incentive is to offer a discount for customers who reorder before a certain date.

Remind customers of past purchases. Customers might not remember exactly what and how many products they ordered last. You can make things much more convenient for your customers by mentioning their history.

Include a compelling call to action with a button. Even if you remind your customers why they should order, what they should order, and when they should order, they can still fall off the train if you don’t make the process itself easy. Add a button that says “Reorder Now” to make things effortless.

Educational email

Adding value to your customers’ lives is a great way to increase their loyalty. An educational email’s job is to enhance your customers’ knowledge around your product or business. By sharing insider knowledge and tips, you can strengthen the trust between you and your customers. Any business can benefit from this type of email. Here are some tips for creating an educational email that will really add value:

Don’t use a fire hose. Offer bits of information and let the reader choose if he or she wants to learn more. This is practically the only way to keep a reader’s attention. The great thing here is your “read more” link can take them to your blog, driving traffic to your site.

Be relevant. The key to an effective educational email is providing content that people actually want to read. Again, you’re trying to add value to their lives, to make them realize that you have important information to offer.

Add a promotion. You can sweeten the email and enhance engagement by adding a subtle mini-promotion. Just keep it simple.

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