Your direct sales company is like a boat: you can work hard to put up the sails and catch new wind, but doldrums will completely stall you unless you have the ability to row. The repetitive motion of the oars can be the one thing that saves your boat until you get new wind.  If you hadn’t guessed already, the wind is new customers, and the rowing oars are repeat customers. In order to get your business where you want it to go, you need both.

Sometimes, it is easy to get wrapped up in finding new customers and expanding your reach—so wrapped up that you fail to cultivate the territory you have already won. If you own a direct sales company, you have a responsibility to empower your consultants to cultivate repeat customers, but do you know how? In today’s, blog, we want to share a few things you and your consultants can do to keep your direct sales customers coming back. Read on!

See customers as friends, not profits.

Direct sales marketing is uniquely equipped to foster rich rapport between consultant and customer. The in-person nature of the sales, the parties, and the social networking creates a different experience from an employee in a retail store asking you if you need assistance. Many consultants become close with their customers, able to get in touch again and again, both to sell product and to be part of the customer’s life. In this way, direct sales blow other types of retail out of the water when it comes to repeat sales.

Many of your consultants will be in the direct marketing business because they like to meet new people and make friends, so make sure you and your consultants capitalize on the direct sales advantage by encouraging friendship along with number goals.

Believe that your product or service will improve your customers’ lives.

When your consultants are promoting products over social media or in person, they are more exposed than other retailers who can hide behind ad copy. Body language, tone, and expression all combine to convince prospective customers that they should be excited to invest, and your consultants have to deliver if they want to be successful. We recommend you allow your consultants to enjoy your products themselves. This way, when the time comes for your consultants to promote your products, they can do so authentically and convincingly. They should see product promotion as advocating for a higher quality of life for their customers.

Pour energy into conversation, not sales copy.

This loops back to the tip about seeing customers as friends. You take a natural interest in your friends’ lives, truly wanting to know how things are going. You remember details and check on them. Encourage your consultants to seek out common interests with their clients, to share themselves, and ask about their customers’ family members. When an authentic, positive relationship grows between consultant and customer, trust is the result. Trust is key to repeat sales. Make sure to emphasize to your consultants that they should not make friends with their customers simply to make sales. Instead, they need to befriend their customers in order to understand what they need. Once they understand what their clients need, they can provide it to them and benefit from the exchange. It can feel like a fine line between being kind and being mercenary, but that is the line that direct salespeople have to walk.

At its most beautiful, business is an honest, constructive, mutually-beneficial exchange. When customers feel like you give them that, they will buy from you again and again. Make sure you can handle the day-to-day with the clarity and support provided by our MLM software. Learn more today!

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