Have you ever thought about trees and how hard they work? They don’t just grow above-ground, they grow below the dirt as well. They constantly stretch up toward the sun while stretching down toward water and nutrients. Without growth on both ends of the trunk, the tree will die. But that’s a lot of work! It reminds us of how it can feel to run a business. You not only have to reach out to new customers, you have to cultivate your current customers and keep them coming back. You have to grow on both ends of your trunk.

Moving forward while looking back to make sure everyone is keeping up is no easy job. However, it can be broken down into smaller jobs that can be done every day, and success will still come. In our last blog, we gave you three tips for cultivating repeat sales, including seeing customers as friends, believing in the power of your product or service to improve lives, and pouring your energy into conversations rather than sales copy. These three tips are especially powerful when it comes to multi-level marketing and direct sales. Today, we have a few more tips that will bring those customers right back to you!

Follow Through

The most timeless piece of advice when it comes to any business is to keep your customers happy. How do you accomplish this? By doing your absolute best. That means making the best customer experience possible and following through on your promises. The key is to delight your customers as much as possible. If they are ever surprised, it should be in a good way. When you show your customers that you truly have their best interests at heart, they’ll want to come back.

Say Thank You

The first step to getting a repeat sale is thanking your customers for their first purchase. Your “thank you” should equal the sale. It may be a smile and a nod, a gift card, or a handwritten note. Any repeat sales are generally lucrative, and when you find a customer willing to take the first step, shower them with appreciation and they’ll be happy to come back.

Track Industries

Depending on the industry you serve, you should make sure you’re paying special attention to your customers’ businesses and figuring out new ways to serve them. You can set up Google Alerts for your customers’ companies, and the news will come to you. At the end of the day, paying attention to your customers outside of sales is a fantastic way to create repeat sales.

Follow Up

Customers will turn to other suppliers or vendors because they don’t feel appreciated. The product or service they receive may be fine, but if they don’t feel appreciated, they won’t see any reason to stay. Follow up with the customers and show them you’re thinking about them even when they aren’t giving you money.

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