A lot of people find success in direct sales, which is a great encouragement if you’re just getting started. However, direct sales are popular, and that means you have a lot of competition. It isn’t enough for you to have a good product and motivated, talented sales consultants. You have to do extra things to get ahead of the crowd. In our last blog, we shared three things you can do to give yourself an advantage. They included offering free samples and extras to encourage customers to engage and return for more sales. In today, we have three more tips for you. Read on!

Leverage social media.

We are sure this tip doesn’t surprise you. In fact, nowadays, social media is pretty much a requirement for success in business. Social media is especially powerful when it comes to social sales, which depend so much on personal contact. You can create a page for your business and start building a fanbase. Social media is also an incredible source of feedback you can use to take your product to the next level.

Social media allows your consultants to stay in close contact with their clients, but it also allows you to stay in contact with your consultants. You can keep them in the loop about promotions or encourage them to connect and brainstorm new ideas for increased sales. It’s quick and practically effortless, a big luxury when it comes to business in general.

The key to social media success is choosing the best platform for your model. If you sell products, Pinterest and Instagram might be idea for you. All types of businesses can flourish on Twitter, where things can happen quickly. Facebook can be a good place for businesses that depend on being able to have conversations with clients.

Cross-promote your services and goods.

Starting cold and trying to convince customers to buy your products for the first time can be quite difficult. Instead, utilize cross-promotion to get current customers to buy other products or services you offer. These customers already have experience with you, and they are hopefully more likely to invest. Be bold and offer current customers incentives and discounts if they invest in your new products. When you do this, you make it more likely that you’ll get word-of-mouth promotion.

Remember that cross-promotion isn’t limited to customers. You can build connections with other sellers and share ad space.

Connect with an experienced multi-level marketing company.

Success only comes when you take every advantage you can get, and a professional direct marketing support company like Exigo is here to give you that extra edge. We offer several different levels of support in order to accommodate everything from start-ups to massive franchises. We understand what it takes to succeed in the competitive direct sales world, and we can provide you with insights and support you won’t find anywhere else.

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